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Next Migration

There has been a recent nest migration

this list is now out of date

For more info try Checking:
- TheSilphRoad nest atlas (Nest Atlas)
- Facebook (PokemonGo Melbourne)
- Reddit (/r/pokegomelb)
to see if there are any reports

Hopefully the list will be updated soon

Search Nest Table
Dex# (click to sort) Location (click to sort) Pokemon (click to sort) FUTURE EVO (click to sort) Evolution Max CP (click to sort)
039 Fawkner Park (South Yarra) Jigglypuff No 0703
387 Flagstaff Gardens (Melbourne) Turtwig No 1051
048 Kings Business Park (South Melbourne) Venonat No 0889
203 Kings Domain (Melbourne) Girafarig No 1836
079 Melbourne Botanical Gardens (Melbourne) Slowpoke No 1187
013 Queen Victoria Gardens (Melbourne) Weedle No 0391
129 Shrine Of Remembrance (Melbourne) Magikarp No 0217
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